Most Incredible Example of Serendipity

15 10 2007

Most Incredible Example of Serendipity — originally uploaded to flickr by cogdogblog

One of my slides in the Being There presentation is how my use of "unknown flower" on several of my flickr photos results in people spontaneously commenting with the identification.

I picked one of these to show as an example where someone named "Kirsty S" had identifed it as ranunculus — and here it is…. SHE WAS HERE IN THE ROOM! Here I am with Kirsty. What are the odds of that happening? It looked planned, but I swear it was not.

I still cannot believe this really happened! The web has about 2 degrees of separation!




4 responses

15 10 2007

I remember when that happened at your presentation at our university with me, too, and it was almost surreal. It felt like slow motion when I saw one of my flickr photographs up on the screen.

I love those kinds of things. It does make the world feel so much smaller.

15 10 2007

Yes Dawn, Of course you had caught me using your images w/o proper attribution 😉 But you were kind about by cc faux pas

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