The Schedule Emerges

8 09 2007

Am I allowed yet to legitimately yell, “Crikies!””? I am looking now at a month and a day until I get in the long leg flight (well short hope from Phoenix to LA, but then the leg from LA to Melbourne is a doozy) that will get me Down Under.

I’d been toying with some calendar tools, but I fell back onto my Google mania, and assembled a calendar of my visits, flights, etc. Unfortunately (rattles fist of fury at I cannot embed a Google calendar here, but it a no brainer over on Wikispaces. I am entering the times in reference to AEST time zone, and if I got the math correctly, the local times should be correct if you are in other zones. So click and fly to Google to check the calendar.

But the better set of details is over on my wiki site at where a nifty Poodwaddle embed shows local time on all Australia time zones, and I have listed out more details of the presentations/workshops at each stop, and yes, embedded the Google Calendar.

There’s lots of planning and pawing around behind the scene over the next 30 days.

But one more time on the beating on a dead horse department- with the plethora of web tools that offer cut and paste code to embed content in other sites, I feel totally handcuffed here at, knowing full well I can use whatever code I like in my own hosted WP blogs, and that WikiSpaces offers the ability to insert just about any kind of web code in their pages as well.

Second Life Meetup Tonight

19 06 2007

I’ll be making an appearance in Second Life for the event on Showcasing Australasian Educational Projects in Second Life at the invitation of Jo Kay (aka jokay Wollongong) and Sean FitzGerald (aka Sean McDunnough). Obviously I am not considered “Australasian”, but with my upcoming visit I was excited to get to know more about the SL community Down Under.

And the continent gets their timing revenge, given many of the events we have run at NMC that have required late night hours for Australians, tonight I need to be awake for the start of the session at 1:00 AM my time, and I dont even get to talk until after 2am. See you soon in Second Life!