CogDogRoo Mapping in 2017

You can’t get places without a map, can you? Even if you do not use one, your journey is mapped. Well, I think so, since I adore maps.

I was not thinking about putting one together, though, until a tweet from Bruno who saw my tweets from Death Valley, on the drive from Arizona to northern California:

After a bit of exchange and future travel planning, my brain said, I better do so!

So now I have a Google Map going for major stops on the trip so far, which was the drive across to California, and the long****** flight to Melbourne, where I sit now blogging.

Hmm, let’s see if allows embeds of Google Maps…

Wow, it does. You’ve come along way,!

Let’s see, this is the map from my trip around Australia in 2007:

And just for fun, the path on my first trip here in 2000 (before Google existed!)


Maps, totally FTW!

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