Have You Climbed the Twitter Life Cycle Curve?

21 03 2008

Hey Aussie! I’m still here! Well, not literally– but if you got turned out to twitter this year, share your story…

It was with a smile I just saw the title in my RSS reader that I knew that another initial skeptic, George Siemens, had followed the path I charted in April 2007 as the Twitter Life Cycle.

Twitter Life Cycle

I have seen so many people, myself at front of the list, first see twitter and remark, “That i the stupidest thing I have ever seen on the web (well maybe after the hamsters)… who in their right mind would waste time doing this?”. If they stay at it long enough, they climb the curve above, perhaps on a different slope and maybe not alway at a plateau. But I lost track of how many colleagues I have seen who have done this.

So George’s post today inspired by to create a wiki where others can join the honorary list of People Who Climbed the Twitter Curve. So add your name today at:


Hmmm, I bet I will tweet this blog post..




4 responses

8 04 2008
NetworkEffects - Twitter LifeCycle

[…] recently plopped my name down on CogDog’s wiki charting the Twitter Lifecycle which got me thinking about the question marks that are on the […]

16 05 2009
Andrew Davis

This is great… nice work!

29 10 2011
Grover David

Dear Alan,
I have been awarded an Australian NSW Government Premier’s Prize of $10,000 for 2012 to research new and emerging technologies in the field of education.

This award is a great privilege and it is all about travelling overseas and looking at anything interesting taking place in schools, attending whatever relevant conferences with which I am able to coincide and finally writing a paper and reporting on it all and trying to influence things back here.

I have decided to visit California, Singapore and Hong Kong and the UK (or another European destination) during March-June 2012.

You were recommended by Matthew Kearney at University of Technology Sydney Australia as a suitable contact in the US, and someone who may be able to assist me with worthy activities on my visit there. I would be very privilged to have the chance to meet with you as well.

To give you the briefest of backgrounds: I have had longtime involvement in NSW computing education as a teacher and as a workshop facilitator, a speaker and textbook writer. I am a Head teacher of computing at Chatswood High School in Sydney.

Can you assist?
David Grover
HT Computing
Chatswood High
David Grover

16 05 2012
Merlin Raser

Thx for information.

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