CogDogFlu Decimates Aussies — originally uploaded to flickr by cogdogblog

News story submitted to us by Lindy McKeown (her health status is undetermined at this time).

Hey, I am sorry! And I am still coughing!

Created by the Newspaper Clipping Generator

Or as they are calling it, “CogDogWog”


5 thoughts on “CogDogFlu

  1. I am sorry but I can’t help laughing :). But my heart has gone out to all affected — so far am pleased to report that Western Australia has escaped this epidemic. It would appear that like always the Eastern States have kept it to themselves, which is really good for once.

  2. Super funny – thanks Alan! Luckily this educator hasn’t succumbed – is this because she is already a regular in virtual worlds. Were you selective in where you sneezed, or in which direction? 🙂

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