Smile When You See This Blue Car Go By

28 11 2007

google car

You may not want to be caught in photos like the folks in the inset pictures! 

In my Being There presentations I demo-ed Google Maps Street View with some map photo viewsfrom downtown Phoenix… look out Australia, as the camera rigged cars are cruising your streets!

Take extra-special care of your appearance when walking around Australian capital city streets this summer, as one nose pick or bum scratch could be immortalised on Google Maps forever.

Google-branded cars with roof-mounted cameras have just begun traversing our streets, taking highly detailed panoramic street-level photos for a new Maps feature called Street View.

Once the photos go up next year, Google Maps users will be able to explore the country at ground-level for the first time with little more than a computer and an internet connection.

Google’s candid camera snaps Australia…


10 11 2007

CogDogFlu Decimates Aussies — originally uploaded to flickr by cogdogblog

News story submitted to us by Lindy McKeown (her health status is undetermined at this time).

Hey, I am sorry! And I am still coughing!

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