It’s Good to Be Home with the Pups

It’s Good to Be Home with the Pups — originally uploaded to flickr by cogdogblog

Dorothy was more than right, there is no place like home, as confirmed yesterday when I finally landed in sunny warm Phoenix (over 90F) and my wife was there to meet me at the airport.

And my pups, Cadu (black lab) and Fresa (beagle) were ectstatic even though they did not even get any prezzies.

I thought about listing all the people I wanted to thank for this tremendous opportunity, and then realized it would take about 5 hours to comb through my notes and list them all- so consider this a blanket THANK YOU to the entire nation of Australia (except the one person who sneezed on the plane to Tasmania and gave me this cold), especially those who coordinated my trip, came to my presentations, and I include now in my circle of colleagues and friends– and especially the hikers:

Three Hikers

And one more for the blog-rific Sue Waters who posted a rather comprehensive blog post summarizing my visit.

This is likely and should be the last blog post here, so if for some strange reason you want to follow my tracks, my blog attention returns to my regular hangout at

G’Day! Giddyup! Adios!

3 thoughts on “It’s Good to Be Home with the Pups

  1. Glad you arrived home safely. Sorry you are still feeling sick :(. Really enjoyed really all the twitters from the Blue Mountain hikers while we were at PodCamp. Love how you blame Tasmania for your cold — works well with all other States and Territories people — blame the Tasmania — definitely makes you an Aussie.

    Glad you like the post and if you get time check out the video that relates to the title. Famous Australian song that we all grew up with (well those that were young and lucky enough to watch the show).

  2. We wont forget you and no you cant buy JoKaydia.

    Your a great bloke as they say in Australia Alan….you speak well ( strong ! by god strong ! ) and your visit is instrumental in sealing the fate of the next iteration of the AFLF.

    Some will bury their thoughts in an LMS and others in the worlds that you speak to and for. I will miss you and I only met you for a mere moment.

    Take care 🙂

  3. New disease sweeps Australia – CogDogWog
    In the wake of a recent visit by notable writer, educator and research Alan Levine, of CogDogBlog fame, educators across the country have fallen to wat the press are calling the “CogDogWog”, a virulent strain of the flu where the patient is unable to speak, coughs violently and can not attend work. The only remedy is to stay home and the only way these dedicated educators can bring themselves to do this, is to seek alternatives to face-to-face contact with students. This has driven many into the virtual world of Second Life, coincidentally (or not) a focal point of CogDog’s presentation. Although blaming a random sneeze on the plane to Australia, locals know the incubation period for this type of disease is at least 2 weeks so must have been a planned attack on CogDog’s part. It seems CogDog will go to any lengths, even viral ones, to get his audience to take on board his ideas, even infecting them with a virus that drives them to experience the virtual world.

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