The Icing on the Cake of a Trip

A Great Dinner Party in Newtown — originally uploaded to flickr by cogdogblog

These two weeks circling the island of Australia have been fantastic, but I’d be lying if I said I was not dog happy relieved to be finished the “official” parts- now I am on to my last bits of time here, designated by the code F-U-N.

Before leaving Brisbane this morning, I got to catch up for coffee with my old friend from Director Days (going back to Macromedia’s UCON in 1996). By the way, there were at least three folks who mentioned the old Director Web site that was my focus and obsession in the 1990s (its been more than 2 years since being updated, but still there- Colen, please don’t bust up the old Maricopa URLs!).

Dorian is a top Flash developer, creating, of all things, online poker games. I am hoping his company is not involved with the ones that comment spam blogs.

But wait, there was time for another breakfast meetup with Mark from University of Queenstown, eating at a cafe bearing an Eifel tower. And Mark kindly offered to drive me to the airport, and deftly managed to get me there in that 5 minute window before they stop checking people in. Nope, I was not sweating. Nope.

So it was back to Sydney, where I got to meet up with friend and colleague Angela Thomas and we went over to the shops near Fox Studios to meet up with more colleagues- HeyJude! I got to meet a great blogger plus more colleagues Wesley and Lynette. We chilled out at the movies and then Wesley provided this fab walking tour of Newtown, the funky (not trendy) hip hub of Sydney with stops at pubs, walls, and a great dinner at Cafe C.

A fab day, just a fab day. It’s time to get some rest for tomorrow’s hiking trip to the Blue Mountains.

And to answer your twitter question, HeyJude- I run late hours on pure adrenaline and the thrill of web goodness. I never run out of things on the web to inspire and generate energy. Someday I might actually see some of the nasties things the doomsayers and firewallers harp on, but so far, I se much more good than evil. By orders of magnitude.


3 thoughts on “The Icing on the Cake of a Trip

  1. Hey Alan, what I can’t get over are the fab pictures of you and Westley out in that canoe on Monday morning. Westley and you both have enough energy to share around all the folk in Newtown 🙂 Hope your trip home is/was uneventful, and you actually sat still and got some ‘shut eye’. See you next year someplace. Cheers, Judy

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