No Google Feeling Lucky in Perth!

I forgot to mention this in my write up for the time in Perth (3 days ago? feels like a month!). It was in my session on “Powerful Personal Portals” and I was showing how you add a new tab in iGoogle. As a test when I was prepping my materials, I had entered a tab named “Australia” and left the “I Fell Luck” box. It was very cool, as the new page was populated with news, weather, other gadgets relevant to Australia, that could be modified, deleted, etc.

So in my live demo, I decided to create a tab called “Perth”:


Hey, I was feeling lucky!

Then the audience busted out laughing:


“No relevant content? I get no respect!” says Perth. No problem. We loaded up the Australia tab and customized all the widgets to get the weather from Western Australia, etc.

You gotta be able to move fast on your feet when playing on the web, and remember the one about mistakes? “If it drops, pick it up”.

C’mon Google, give Perth some widgets. No wait, people in Perth can make their own widgets! Get with it.

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