Land is the Canvas

Patterns — originally uploaded to flickr by cogdogblog

Flight from Perth to Darwin.

What a spectacular flight it was this morning from Perth to Darwin! I am always absorbed in the myriad of patterns, colors when there is such clear visibility. The world we inhabit on the ground takes on different patterns at 30,000 feet high.

On this flight, the colors, shapes, geometry of what was laid out changed every few minutes. I have no idea what this region is- my first thought was petroglyphs! And on the left, the Rorschach test tells me I see a dog.

Darwin is hot, yes (and this is not even near their peak temps for summer), humid, yes, but I love the slow down pace of this city, which is more like a medium beach town in the states. The entire region of the Northern Territory has 200,000 people, just a few notches above the population of my home city of Scottsdale, which occupies about 1/2500 of the area.

Like the example of use on my presentation of the Grand Canyon dwarfing human scale, some similar goes like that here.

Sally M met me at the airport and gave me the insiders tour of the city, seeing the neighborhoods and city portions.

I then had a few hours to relax- walked the short beach outside of the Sky City Hotel (there was no one at all on the beach). The water was not just bath warm, it was beyond tepid to getting ready to almost boil.

Hill View Back to Sky City.

Wow. I then took a nap on the lounge chairs around the pool. But my phone was buzzing. Melanie, my hostess here wanted to meet up and then join them for a presentation tonight.

The speaker is a consultant who bills himself as a “futurtist” – Craig Rispin – a professional speaker, not just a hacking “um” machine like yours truly.

He is good with the audience and gets them on the edge of their seats. It seemed to me, a bit, well… polished. “Do you think I am making this up? .. Google it!.”

The audience surely responded. We snuck out as we had plans to get some dinner. Melanie drove me to a thai place that Sally had recommended. It was fantastic!

Well, that was today in a can. Check out the other land photos at

Two more visits to go!


3 thoughts on “Land is the Canvas

  1. Hi Alan
    Regarding your reference to being an expert – or not – in your talk in Adelaide on Monday, I thought you might like to view/hear this song from Laurie Anderson, an American performance artist, on this topic, called

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