Perthy Audience

Perthy Audience — originally uploaded to flickr by cogdogblog

I’m the keynote speaker for the ELearning WA gathering here in Perth. The room is filling up and folks are curious? interested to hear me talk about Virtual Worlds: Promise or Peril.

The time frame here is an hour, a good chunk less than Adelaide, so I dropped a few demos (CityPixel) and kept a lid on the in world Second Life demo. Today, I was lucky to launch SL (it took up until the last minute to sort out the hotel provided ethernet) and get a nice intro by Beth Ritter-Guth (Desideria Stockton) and colleague Eloise Pasteur.

The audience likely wanted more SL, but I wanted more to cover the other material/potentials. The presentation URLs are available now at

and may be getting the slides loaded to a flickr set soon. My colleague Sue Waters has wired me with a recording iPod and we hope to test it soon.

And they sure love the WoW story of The Ballad of the Noob. It is fun, non Second Life, and makes a nice entry to discuss using vWorlds to be a virtual video camera, yet needs the typical work like scripting, location scouting, design, lighting, directing, post-production….

The second session I did (the one where I get to say, “I am the only thing between you and lunch”) was a one and only session on “Powerful Personal Easy Web Portals”. This was less a presentation and more a walk through of the features and capabilities of tools like iGoogle, Pageflakes, netvibes, protopage, and got a bit more fun when we launched into a discussion afterward getting into workplace practice (what happens if the feed reader on your computer you use on lunch hour  automatically downloads some inappropriate materials (I guess a woman lost her job for 3 months)?? well, do that stuff at home??). The we talked about identity and all of these password sites (I tried to do live demo of openID).

Thanks for such a Perth-ic audience.

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