Link Farms

Welcome to the Link Farm — originally uploaded to flickr by cogdogblog

"You’ve got spam"

It was Clay Shirkey who cleverly defined social software as "stuff that gets spammed."

So I know that my CogDogRoo has reached the published threshold when it is now attracts attacks from Link Farms.

What grows on Link Farms? Why links! Lots of them! Their goal is to make it so unwitting visitors visit these pages will click one of the Google Ads permeating the soil, and make money. It also aims to improvide the farm’s own Google rank by increase the number of incoming links (by planting a seed for the farm, a URL in my blog).

You can spot the link farm as easily as the common weeds they are. The sit’s subject they purport to support have nothing to do with my blog post. The format of the enrty is exactly the same (because it is generated by a program)"

"XXXXX wrote something interesting —— this is the exact sentence from my origiinal post —— read more (link to my post)"

You can try spraying, tilling, insectisides, but I cannot seem to get rid of these pests. Unfortunately, the Link Farm supplier, Google itself, in all of its vast intellectual prowess, has done absolutely nothing to prevent us, the common honest farmer, to prevent this epidemic.


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