Three Blogger Dinner in Adelaide

Blogger Dinner — originally uploaded to flickr by cogdogblog

A great chance for me, Graham Wegner, and Michael Coghlan to hang out in Adelaide

It’s great (and warm) to be here in Adelaide. Michael Coghlan had offered to show me a bit of the scenery up in the “hill country” and it certainly lived up to his descriptions. Then we met up in town with Graham Wegner a primary school teacher / technology specialist. I’ve been reading his Teaching Generation Z blog for a number of years.

In my years of doing this stuff, pre-blog, even pre-web, there is nothing like having a face to face meeting with people who have known only online; and I have been saying on this trip, I have never been disappointed, surprised because I already know them.

Graham has a great pulse on all kinds of new tech and we enjoyed hearing about his work in using wikis to have his students do collaborative projects with another primary school in Alaska. Here and earlier, Michael and I had great conversations about web 2.0, copyright, and Second Life (of which he is leery), and in general facing the tidal rush of “new stuff”.

Interestingly, of all the things we talked about, both MIchael and Graham are extremely excited about their relatively newer entry into twitter.

I’d say they are on the upward inflection point of the Twitter Adoption Cycle:

The Twitter Life Cycle

Cheers and thanks for putting up with my weariness of the cold I am carrying across the country.
“new stuff”

One thought on “Three Blogger Dinner in Adelaide

  1. Alan, I thoroughly enjoyed catching up with you and it’s always great to cross paths with Michael. Hope your virally ravaged throat holds up for tomorrow’s presentations (still wish I had a leave pass to attend) and that you’ve enjoyed your warm visit to our humble hometown. Twitter was the tool that kept popping up in our conversation but I’ll definitely keep saying that any networking tool is only as good as your network!

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