Workshop Participant Uncovers a Hidden Gem

During my presentations, you will hear ad nauseum that I am not an expert- I do not know the depths and range of the web (remember the dumb statement- “The Internet is Really Big”).

During today’s Web Gems workshop in Canberra, Peter, one of the participants, curiously clicked a link in one of my example pages (to someone else’s site), and found PICTAPS, a fun little site that is going to be hard to describe, but it fits my themes of being (a) free; (b) easy to use to create content; and (c) provides link and embed code to use the media elsewhere.

Warning. The beat music may drive you crazy or make you dance around the room. And this most likely has no educational value, but is just web two oh fun.

More or less, PICTAPS provides a frame and simple paint tools where you paint a character:


When you are ready, you set your little character in motion. The music starts up, and he/she starts dancing, gyrating in the middle of the screen, and is surrounded by a mad cloned crowd of copies of your “avatar”:


You can save you creation(I lost track of :Yellow CogDog”).

It’ whacky, crazy, for those following my “magic of embed comments” in the bottom righ, is a link to the URL for your creation, e.g. or you can use the embed code to put it in a blog. You have been warned. Strange things may happen when you view this.

Oh shoot, I forgot that prevents embed code. How lame.

See it embedded in action on Wikispaces

This was created by Japanese web designer Masayuki Kido – whose

home page has a strong sense of original design:


Nice gem find, Peter!

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