Tour Stop 4: Canberra

With today’s sessions done, I believe I am at the half way point of this madcap circuit around Australia. 4 cities down, 4 to go. “I’ve been everywhere, man…” and am on the road tomorrow to Adelaide for stop 5 Monday, stop 6 in Perth on Tuesday, Stop 7 in Darwin Thursday, and Friday, Brisbane makes 8.

Canberra Audience

Today went very well here in Canberra. We had an audience of maybe 60 or 70 for my noon time “Being There” session, something that rolls out quite nicely. I’ve fine tuned it at every stop, trimming a bit here and there, but added a new slide today to talk about the 2006 Northern Voice story of interacting with Nancy White, and how her presentation was augmented by the “network”.

The main session was in an auditorium on the Reid Campus. It was vaguely familiar from my visit here in 2000, as were colleagues from then Allan M and John S, who both came today, along with Julia, who in 200 tried to help my understand the Melbourne Cup. Folks said they liked it, had a good time (I worry when the descriptor is “entertaining”) but my hosts assured me the presentation was on target.

They did provide all the technology I needed, even the second PC so I could show my twitter screens. For some reason, with the proxy settings set in my browser for the campus network, all of the web links from PowerPoint failed with a message I had never seen before (something like “Powerpoint could not download URL.”). This started a stream of me badmouthing powerpoint; it was no issue to grab the URLs for my demos and pop them in a browser. In a presentation, you almost have to anticipate the possibility that you cannot show anything as planned.

After this was a quick lunch, and we took a smaller group through a labyrinth of tunnels, corridors, stairwells, so a computer lab for the hands on Precious Web Gems workshop.

She Likes Toondoo Too

This group really dove into this workshop. I pretty much just do a quick overview of most of the tools, let them know the passwords for the accounts, and set them loose for an hour. People I saw explored, Toondoo, PicNik, Bubbl, Wayfaring, Spell with Flickr. One gentleman jumped into and said he fixed some of the Spanish captions in the “Bookmarking in Plain English” video. See a few of the products from the image tools at

And then there was Peter, who wandered some of the example links and discovered pictaps.

It was a fun day with such an enthusiastic group. I had about 2 hours rest before my hosts took me to a nice dinner at a cafe in the busier are of Canberra (somewhere near a merry-go-round). It was great food, but I really faded fast in energy.

So I’m off to re-energize in sleep, and rev up for Adelaide.

2 thoughts on “Tour Stop 4: Canberra

  1. Hey Alan,

    Great to see you – you did really well to hold off the fluey haze! Sounds like it got to you by dinnertime though!

    All the best in Adelaide and will keep following the blog as you go!

    Great session and it was really good to meet you in person (dog?) too.


  2. Oh, this is too funny. Here in New Mexico at the International Forum of Visual Practitioners conference I told the story of you catalyzing the Northern Voice mash up. Same story, two perspectives on two sides of the world. Pretty cool.

    Rachel is a gem – glad you sent me a heads up that your colleague would be here! She draws a wicked Giraffe. And now has the inside scoop on chocolate footprints!

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