Tomorrow: Live from Sydney

Living Color — originally uploaded to flickr by kendrick

“Just because we can” tomorrow’s presentations from Sydney we are going to broadcast tomorrow’s sessions from Sydney via an amazing new, free web tool that allows anyone to do this live over the internet, with a simple computer camera (and a really good internet connection).

I have been amazed watching a few of these among my geek network, so I figured, why not try? in front of 120 people, why not?

So if you are not in Sydney, you can tune in at starting at about 12:20pm Sydney time (check for local time)

This will be another iteration of my “Being There” and “”What’s on Your Horizon sessions, with a few new twists. One of them is we are using, with the help of Alexander Hayes and Jo Kay, a SMS messaging system that allows me to poll the audience.

The streaming did work this afternoon; I am not too sure how the camera anglew will work, you will get a shot of me (either coughing or saying “um”) and a bit of the primary screen.

No edge like the bloody one.


3 thoughts on “Tomorrow: Live from Sydney

  1. Alan, Just caught up with your travels. Love the wombat! I think you should bring one home for the dogs to play with

    I hope you shake the cold soon–must travel with Zicam. I laughed when I read about your experience with PowerPoint–I call it ‘death by PowerPoint’.

    Have fun!!

    (WHat happened to all of your hair????)

  2. Hey, Little Big Sister! Dogs and wombats? They don’t seem very compatible and cannot imagine airport security would be happy with my squirming backpack (the wombats do, however, very much like being in a dark sack, like being in their pouch).

    Talk to you when I get back home, hope you get a few more good weekends of sailing?

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