Never To PPT Again

Having been bludgeoned senseless by too many conference presentation bullet points, I’ve never been anything close to a PowerPoint fan. Far from it. For a number of years, I adamantly refused to even deploy it for presentations, using a number of different approaches- Flash, HTML, S5 templates, wikis.

The only reason I relented my stand was to be able to produce content that could be uploaded to Slideshare, where bloated PPTs go to become sharable, svelte, web friendly Flash content. And I begin to believe the words on this t-shirt. PowerPoint does not kill presentations, people do

No more. Lats night, as I was updating my presentation files, Powerpoint just, on its own, quietly quit. Poof. It did not say goodbye, wave, fart, nothing. No error message, no bomb. It just took off to whereever the place evil software goes when it tires of its users’ pesky demands.

I was relieved when I re-opened it that I had only missed the edits on the last slide I was working on, and easy fix.

Until this morning, when I noticed that every freaking linked text, hyperlink, image in the show (likely 100) had their URLs shuffled, so nothing points to the right location.



Once I am done with this last prezzy, my work from now on will be back in web-based content, or Keynote.

PPT No More. Stick a Fork in It. I’m gonna yank it from my machine.


2 thoughts on “Never To PPT Again

  1. Please express T-Shirt to Melbourne — seriously considering violence. I have never seen so many really bad powerpoints from apparently educational specialists. When I reflect on how you did your presentation and what I have had to sit through the last two days – boy I swear they are trying to kill me. The question will be can I manage to get through without the shirt?

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