Tour Stop 2: Vista Meeting (Melbourne)

It’s Tuesday, I must be in Melbourne. I showed up for my session, located on the 12th floor of Victoria University (conveniently located next to my hotel), though my voice decided to take the day off. Today’s audience was from VISTA “the peak association for professionals working in the Victorian Vocational Education and Training (VET) sector.”

It was fun to finally meetup in person with Sue Waters ;-) and to see again Ken Gooding, who in 2001 visited me in Phoenix on a Flecible Learning Leadership trip. I did set up site visits for Ken at Maricopa, but he most fondly remembers the baseball game we saw together. Too bad for us Diamondbacks fans, they got swept out of the Championship by the Colorado Rockies.

The audience was patient with the raspy voiced speaker and mostly enthusiastic about the string of “things Alan finds interesting” in the Being There presentation (blogged yesterday) and the first time run of my “What’s On Your Horizon” session:

Audio was again recorded (1-04, 44Mb mp3, no guarantee of fidelity). This audience too easily recognized my slide with the character from Hogan’s Heroes. I liked the gent who was game to ring my phone when I flashed the number on screen (Others took advantage to text questions afterward- that’s the way to reach out to your network!. And I left with some solid feedback on the concept of an NMC project (more on that sometime later).

I managed to get through lunch and then get a little bit of rest back at the hotel. I went back at 4 for the reunion of the Flexible Learning Leaders, some 40 gathered, and I got to see again the Leaders I met when I visited for the 2001 induction – Megan Funston, Ken Gooding, Bradley Beach, as well as others who I got to know when the visited Maricopa (Kerry Ashcroft and Jacqui Bates). And of course, Michael Coughlan, who everyone knows (I got to visit Michael on a 2000 visit to Adelaide). Plus, they had another contingent participating remotely via Elluminate, including a few from New Zealand. It was impressive to listen to the reports of the kinds of things they have done since the time of their leadership program, and it shows very much what the investment in professional development can produce.

After this, I had to reluctantly decline the offer to go out on the town as I was worn out, roughed over, flattened, and ambled to my room for a good night’s sleep… I cannot say that happened, but this was still a wonderful visit for tour stop 2.

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