Eatin’ Roo!

Eatin’ Roo! — originally uploaded to flickr by cogdogblog

I have had it before, but at dinner tonight I could not resist playing the curious American to order a kangaroo steak and some prawns. It was rather tasty, but cannot say it is a huge come backer.

Don’t start calling me a carnivore, or “Hannibal Lectorroo”.

This was a dinner with three amazing colleagues who I had only known via twitter, second life,e mail, blogs, and got to meet in person last night in Sydney.

If your country is planning a professional development speaking tour with a world wide expert, I could not recommend more any and all from Jo Kay, Sean Fitzgerald, or Alexander Hayes.

But is Thursday, and time soon to turn the performance face back on for Sydney…. Details shall be blogged tonight (hopefully) form Canberra.

It’s funny, all the cities I have seen are so varied in their appearance even seen out of hotel windows…


2 thoughts on “Eatin’ Roo!

  1. Was pondering fitting response to this — was going to mention that most Aussies will not eat kangeroo – we use it as dog food. But just realised that this meant it must be the perfect for you?

    Jo, Alex and Sean Rock – would love them to come to WA.

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