A Wombat of a Time

I was excited when this plan for this trip started with a presentation (Monday) in Tasmania, so it afforded me the opportunity to come out for the weekend to see what has always been to me an exotic place (years of growing up watching Bugs Bunny cartoons and the whirling Tassie devil which, having seen a recent newspaper article, is nowhere near the truth).

The opportunity was even made better when Jo Murray offered to put me up at her house, with a spectacular view of Marion Bay.  I was ambitious yesterday by getting up to do a 6 mile run, especially as I found the tickling of a sore throat coming on, but I had to be able to say I was running in Tasmania! Not so good as by Saturday evening I was feeling a bit more affected by a cold.

None of this shall keep me too bound up! Yesterday, after a scenic drive through the forests and hills, Jo took me to visit a neighbor who as been taking care of baby wombats, who have been orphaned when their Moms have been run over. The babes don’t stand a chance in the wild. So I got a chance to hold “Poddy” who exhibited incredible strength despite a small size and koala like coloring.

Me and a wombat

So here is me and the wombat! Definitely something I was not counting on for this visit.

But tomorrow starts the tour with a 10:00am – 3:30pm session with 60+ practitioners in Hobart. The materials for this likely wont get posted until Monday night when I get to Melbourne.


5 thoughts on “A Wombat of a Time

  1. Hi Alan. 7:30 am here in Michigan, been up all night doing my slow-style surfin’ on the web. It was actually through some visits to sights trying to learn how to rite a web page that I came across the eons-old link off of Maricopa (it was my link of choice at initial “how do you rite a web page” google) from back in the 90’s. Ended up at Alan’s wacky weird whatever, read every word on the page, clicked on the last link (haha-right back to Alan’s wacky wierd…), then back up to the top to the first link to CogDogBlog – read everything in the column on right, quick link to k12 teaser (very interesting by the way), then back to main column of page and started links to your Aussie blogs – So – my comment – did the wombat want to be on your lap? like, did he climb up there himself? (looks like he might be trying to get away).
    Really though, first picture I’ve seen of you and I’m wondering if you are native american? (I’m have a very, very, very small amount of Cherokee in me, and though I’ve never investigated it, I’ve always carried around some pride due to it – and attributed my nose to this heritage :o)
    And really, the reason I’m asking is this – other than the general interest because it’s a very interesting character that I’ve been following along in my slow-surf these wee hours of the AM, the reason I’m trying today (right now in my life) to figure out how to put the web page together and get it published and up on my CHARTER webspace, is that I’m going to be a leader for my nine-year-old’s Junior Girl Scout Troop beginning in a week or so. And I hate to start it without the best start. Which would be for our troop to have our own web site which could be linked off of the Council area site.

    okay, i’ll stop here to say real quick – sorry for all the detail chatter (sorry? – not really, just hope you’re still reading)
    my first learning experience -oops <—– back there :0p – with computers was in 1990 – business school (office professional) – I was 20 – I got to do this class on writing program in basic. I LOVED it – but mainly the course taught word processing, database management (has there ever been anything more useful than that in the world?) and accounting I & II – was ALWAYS good at math – and I spent the next five years working in an accounting department – left only because I was pregnant with my first (of three) kid(s) and right after finishing my first year in the community college getting rid of the flack courses required for an ass(ociates) in Info Tech.

    wow – you’re getting half of my life story.
    so – never did get back to the learning aspect of this techno stuff we live in the middle of. ‘ve got a home computer and ‘ve learned alot in the ensuing years in my secretarial career (stalled out last year – I’m currently clerking in the meat department of the local grocery store in this beautiful [if slightly creepy] little railroad town know as Durand, Michigan) and love to use my “advanced” abilities to help out friends and have fun with the kids – but now I need to study a bit and get this web writing down (you see I got side tracked after lesson 3 from Maracopa – I’m stuck on the tag – oh wait, I did get to lesson 4 – learned the
    tag (like [control]+[shift])
    okay, little slap happy
    back to my question on your heritage
    my son’s cub scout pack (he’s a six-year-old Tiger cub as of two weeks ago) – is celebrating November by ?commemorating? our nations Indian heritage and we’re looking to invite someone to ?present? at one of the meetings who is of personal Indian heritage – and the k12 thing – kids, learning, sharing with the next generation – when I saw your picture, I just had to “submit comment”
    again, hope you’ve read this far.
    you can reach me at bonhamfam@juno.com or bonhamfam@charter.net or I’ll just follow your blog and watch for a response in there…
    this is too long of a comment to publish – isn’t it?
    okay, either i’ve got to go to sleep now, or get something to eat – not sure which direction I’ll take.
    Alan – it’s been nice chatting with you. Have a great Sunday in Melbourne? Tasmania? geography wasn’t my best subject. Down there in Aussie anyway :0) – g’day mate!~

  2. Poddy goes International
    Poddy is now almost 4 kilos. This morning to save our legs from being bitten we gave him a large toy snake to attack instead. The snake worked well. Poddy is happy, with a full tummy of grass and special wombat milk and biting, biting, biting. So all is well in wombat world.
    Have a good rest of your trip in Australia.
    Oisin and Mirrin

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