Rainy Night on Flinders Street

Flinders Street Station — originally uploaded to flickr by cogdogblog

This characteristic transportation hub in Melbourne appears just as described in Wikipedia!! The weather was not optimal for a good picture of Federation Square.

My first day in Melbourne fit the description about it having every kind of weather in a single day- a beautiful clear sunny, “let’s walk the town” morning, turned into a grey, windy rainy chilly afternoon and evening.

Thanks James I had the pleasure of meeting up tonight with a long time colleague, James Farmer, the creative force behind edublogs.org (which recently flipped an odometer of than 100,000 of them! – free blogs for educators and schools). We’ve been virtual colleagues via the web for years, and as always, meeting up in person never fails to match the expectation of knowing them online.

James took me a bit through the out of the way corners of the Laneways, had some lovely Spanish food at a place I forgot, and ended up with some beers by the river.

I am feeling rested, though wide awake now at 4am (need to check those internal clock settings). Tomorrow morning is a set of meetings with NMC colleagues from RMIT, University of Melbourne, and Swinbourne, and then in the afternoon I am off to see magical Tasmania.

But what is this”hail” they are predicting? Please put in an order of warm sunshine, as being from Arizona, I am a desert rat (see 5th bullet)!


2 thoughts on “Rainy Night on Flinders Street

  1. Hey Alan:
    Sounds like that you are already having a nice time. Good luck resetting the internal clock. (BTW- I love the blog.)
    Rachel Varon

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