Setting The Clocks

Setting The Clocks — originally uploaded to flickr by cogdogblog

A few days before departure to Australia- got my widget clocks set up. Need to try and start nudging my body into the future, 15 hours ahead of Phoenix.

Anyone have any good tips to avoid jet lag?


5 thoughts on “Setting The Clocks

  1. Well I can’t remember anything that helped with clock differences from my one trip to OZ. The most useful bit of advice I heard prior to my trip was to make sure to do stretching exercises while onboard to avoid cramping and swelling.

    Shout out to you! I was so happy to receive a forwarded post from Gaye re your NMC activities. Hope you enjoy the trip to Australia. If you run into Gail Farran please give her my regards.

    I am just now beginning to read about Second Life and explore the ways virtual/simulation space communication can enhance teaching and learning.

    Marlene Forney (Mesa CC Library)

  2. Hi Alan,

    Not much help I am afraid… but have spoken to a few people who cut their trip so they have a day or so somewhere along the way. Say a stop over at an Asian resort 😉 But I assume that is all too late and that flights are booked.

    Hold on you inspired me to to a search on Google ‘Coping with Jet lag’ and got some good tips suggested
    *avoid Alcohol, coffee (as both diuretics)
    *drink plenty of water
    * have a long bath when at destination (sounds good even if it doesn’t work)

    and a heap more dot points at the end of the article worth checking out 🙂

    Hmmm has a looooooong read so much so that I didn’t read it 😉 suggested getting into the daylight so your body knows what’s what and had some brief to the point suggestions.

    Anyway hope some of these help out Alan

    Cheers Viv

  3. HI Marlene! Nice to see a comment from a friend at Maricopa; hope you are still blazing trails at MCC.

    Thanks for the research, Viv! I can pass the booze; giving up coffee is a tougher sell. I’ve done the long LA to Melbourne flight already, so I know what’s in store. My plan is to try and start being on local time on the flight over, staying awake the first half and then sleeping the 2nd. And day 1 staying on schedule local time.
    Fortunately, I have a day and a half in Melbourne to adjust and then a weekend in Tasmania, so I hope to be revved up by the time the tour starts on Monday. Looking forward to meeting everyone!

  4. Glad to see someone (Viv) could give you useful info with sources (ah the wonders of information professionals)!

    At MCC the only person I ‘see’ blazing trails these days is Shelley Rodrigo. She’s OYO as CTL Instr Designer since Donna G morphed to full time SCC Math Faculty!

    I’m promising myself to read your conference posts. The serendipity piece captures why I became a Librarian. I loved serendipity.

    As for Second Life, it gave me quite a lot to ponder when Law & Order SVU premiered with an episode about virtual reality and a pedophile. (Law & Order is my favorite show, my motto cribs from the D’backs (Any flavor, Any rerun). Weak I know but since I have not tech wows to share, thought I’d send you bad verse.

    Hope Tasmania is beautiful. Will you get to the Great Barrier Reef. I’m happy you get a second trip to OZ & noted that Gail Farran stopped by the site. She and her family meant more to me than they could possibly realize. If you run into her, please give my best to Bobby Boy.


  5. Hi Marlene- thanks for virtually following along. I’ve been following Shelley’s efforts (and we had lunch last month) and am glad to she trail blazing. I’d hazard a guess, though, there is a good amount of quiet innovation happening in the seams, in those places the future is unevenly distributed.

    The Law and Order episode is making an appearance in my virtual worlds presentation; a nice example of media crossing boundaries.

    Sadly, I wont get to see Gail- we have emailed by my time at the closest point to her was not enough. Among many Maricopans, she also hosted me during my sabbatical here in 2000, and I learned so much from her students’ projects and the field trips she arranged around the Riverina facilities. And she also arranged a white water raft trip, which was great. And yes, Bob is the epitome of a proper and playful dog!

    I wont get to the Reef, sadly, only in Brisbane for about 36 hours. Leave room for more?

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