Help Her Out (YouTube Research Project)

Sonia is doing a research project on people’s use of YouTube and its effect on them- this is great as she is doing this research using YouTube to conduct her work.

Toss in a video response, or share this clip! I am going to be tipping my presentation here in regards to YouTube- the people who have aversion to it (or fear, or loathing) are (to me) knee jerk reacting to the content in there- to use the cliche, the amount of signal to noise is rather low.

Do we dismiss the technical capability of your television circuitry because of the lousy shows you see on the screen? The technology is neutral.

So rather than dismissing a technology because of, well marginal/noisy content, its’ up to us, as educators, as shapers of minds, as leaders to get in there and increase the amount of signal. We need to, and should contribute, and participate in actively adding more quality content, more signal.


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