Document Habits Poll

Let’s say you are drafting some ideas for a project or a meeting plan and need to communicate it with colleagues to get feedback. To share do you:

  1. Write it out as an email text, not pretty but send it out
  2. Write it as a Word document, better formatting, and send as email attachment
  3. Create it in Google Docs or other web based writer package and invite others to collaborate
  4. Create a wiki and send people a link
  5. Write it as a blog post and ask for comments
  6. I don’t collaborate

8 thoughts on “Document Habits Poll

  1. This would be interesting to see conducted as an actual poll. I suspect it would correlate along computer literacy skills. For myself, five years ago it would have been email or Word attachments, these days I would lean towards a wiki.

  2. Hi Alan,

    Well I do a mix of 1 – 4 depending on their level of online participation. I really love Google Docs but it is firewalled in a number of organisations I work with (CRAZY and trying to rectify).

    Preference – Google docs, email, word doc, wikispaces
    Reality – email, googledocs, wikispaces, word doc

    Tried many a time but just not getting the feel for blogs 🙂
    Cheers Viv

  3. Thanks Vivi! I am scratching my head from afar, and maybe hope I can better understand why there are so many walls, so many firewalls. It seems like more energy and time is spent in maintaining the walls than in supporting what happens behind them. I thought the future trends were The World is Flat, not The World is a Bunch of Disconnected Isolated Boxes. Flat = Open.

    I might be wrong on that, but having worked all my career in places lacking restrictions to networked information, I struggle to understand the gains and losses. I am sure someone will clarify it 😉

  4. Hi Alan,

    Many scratch there heads and jump up and down in frustration re the firewalls…. I too struggle with the understanding.

    My philosophy is that we are better to introduce students to the real WWW and discuss issues as they arise rather than educating them in a false online world behind firewalls without ads, popups, and a host of cool web 2 resources etc. Looking forward to catching up with you next week in Sydney.

    Cheers Viv

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