Blog A Day

With my trip about three weeks from lifting off (ignoring the panic of being “ready”), I’m aiming to start posting at least something here daily, be it ever so trite as a twitter snip. It’s another blog log on the fire, given my primary outlet, several running at NMC (here, there, and way over there).

I do plan to use this blog as the main daily summary of all the amazing events I will see next month, the stunning beautiful and articulate people I will meet, and the electric vibe of being in each of Australia’s capital cities inside a 2 week span.

And just to add a little bit more on top of my schedule (just posted a copy on this blog, I will share that I have yet another blog, a personal one, that I use to chart my training to run a first marathon in January. So I am also needing to get my training runs in while jetting around Australia. I am slow as an ancient wombat, but I just want to finish one of these feats, and cross it off my list.

So this blog post has no epiphanies, no whooping over cool tools (that might be tomorrow), no witty puns, and surprisingly no dog photos.

Oh well, I will break that last one- here are my pups, 6 year old Black Lab Cadu (left) and frisky new Beagle pup Fresa (right), relaxing at home among the dog clutter (toys, chewed up sticks):

Dog Tired

Stay tuned tomorrow for… well something else.


One thought on “Blog A Day

  1. We all love our dogs and I love my dog Scamp. We have a lot of fun together. Because of that I decided to start a Doggie Photo Contest on my very popular Web Page. Please take some time out and enter a picture of your dog. It does not matter what breed or age. It is all for fun. Your privacy is protected. Have fun. Follow the photo contest link.

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