Tagging 2002? Or 2007?

To me, almost no single development more understates Web 2.0 than the power of tagging. Okay, I might wrestle over blogging or RSS, but those are rather singular sorts of technologies, whereas the notion of tagging content and extensions to folksonomy (Oh I hope dear readers, you are not stuck behind a wikipedia wall) can transcend technologies.

I am not writing this as a full blown explanation and overview of tagging, but I use it on a daily, hourly basis to not only organize my own bits of distributed content, but also as an organizational tool to populate specific web sites, and thirdly, as a different way of finding new information, that takes a different path than searching or picking through twitter detritus.

So one of my upcoming workshops will be a basic foray into tagging, and some strategies I will try and share on how to use it effectively.

I was struck by some recent comments and discussions on an observation by some that as a technology, tagging has not really advanced from its start in 2002, and in the eyes of these people, had not evolved significantly beyond a tool for geeks to a tool for consumers and organizations — See Dave Weinbarger’s Tagging like it was 2002.

So I am fishing for interest/idea here among my potential audiences. I’d guess there has been exposure via workshops, projects etc to tagging, and many innovators in Australia are likely using it. What is the broader use among the quote/unquote mainstream? Is the concept of tagging foreign or familiar? And anyone have some examples of usage in education I can peek at? Or better yet, what would you like to know about tagging?

See, the so-called “expert” is packing more questions than answers 😉


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