Vodpod- build video collections

Almost by sheer accident- discovered following a tweet by Judy O’Connell to her web 2.0 presentation on Slideshare, that I came across this nifty new site, vodpod. Here you can create your own “pods” of video collections, and with their one click browser tools, you can create collections of web video from 1000s of different video sites, YouTube, Google, MySpace, just about anywhere that embeds flash video.

You can do some customization of your “pod”, have categories, tags, comments– and it provides a cut and paste method to embed a “widget” in a blog- see the sidebar here under the flickr images, showing the most recently added videos.

So I made my vodpod at http://cogdogroo.vodpod.com/:

vodpod screen shot

In a few minutes I added some that were in my YouTube favorites collection, plus another from MySpace, and Google video.

This is perfect for the workshops I hope to do on web video, as it allows a place for participants to add to a common collection. Looking forward to playing with it a bit more. Great tool! Thanks, HeyJude!


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