A Brand Roo Email

I’m getting old enough to say things like, “I can remember on the internet when all you needed was one email address…” or “I had to haul HTML 10 miles through the snow in bare code”.

But yes, to be nostalgic, I know back in the late 1980s I had a BITNET email address (forgotten) with the first internet one as AGAHL@asu.edu (when I was a graduate student at Arizona State University). The funny thing about ASU is that in their ID system, I still have a relict user ID of AGAHL (go and hack away, my friends).

But I digress. For purposes of this trip, I have made a new Gmail account (I use one regularly for my CogDogBlog-ness and just about every other web service I sign up for. The great thing is I can send a Gmail invite for a free account to myself (at yet another email address on a personal domain), so know my contact for purposes of October in Australia is:

cogdogroo at gmail dot com

The neat thing about Gmail is I do not have to log in and out to deal with multiple accounts. In my new cogdogroo account, I can set it to forward all mail to my primary Gmail account, and in that one I can use the filters to easily segregate my messages.

Now, armed with a new Gmail account, I might be setting up even more accounts at my favorite web2.0 hangouts.

I’ve pretty much lost count at having about 8-12 different email addresses in some level of use.

Now, where is the sled? I have to haul some more tags across the tundra


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