The Mad Tour Schedule

I am sure the planning of my visit has involved as much twists and turns as a Rubiks cube, but it is getting rather close to being finalized, with a kick off October 15 in either Tasmania or Melbourne, and then 2 insane weeks of city hopping for stops in Sydney, Canberra, Adelaide, Perth, Darwin, and Brisbane.

Yes, my druthers would have been what the original invitation was- a 5 week sojourn, but my time frame was limited by amount of leave available and some commitments on the home front.

So it is seeming like some sort of zany band tour, a different city for each gig. Not that I had any band playing experience beyond air guitar and daydreams (well a small taste was at the 2007 NMC Summer Conference when we rolled out for the second year a “jam” session). T-shirts are not on sale.

And at this point, I am starting in earnest to prep materials, and hats off to the colleagues Jen and Elisabeth in Tasmania for initiating a brainstorm over on my wiki site. It is always a large amount of educated (or lucky or unlucky) guesswork on prepping materials. It seems, a running theme will be a variation of the Being There presentation done originally for Faculty Academy, but aiming to tweak and customize portions for the different audiences. I think this can be a working theme for talking about the range of technologies and issues we have been working on so far. So it rings a bit more comfortably to me than titles with “2.0” in them.

But I am being asked for some of these stops for anywhere form 3-6 hours worth of stuff- not sure if that is “me” yet for filling the time, but if you know me, I don’t relish just presenting for long stretches. So I am looking at cooking up some participatory things these audiences could do, but its a bit of a void knowing who they are, what they want to learn, or think they can learn from me.  So anyone who wants to chime in for things I might aim for in terms of topics, or how to best get the right mix of range of audience (technology novices to expert??).

And while I am at it, anyone who is experienced with traveling light, please contact me! I typically travel with a smallish side bag I check, but I am hoping to go as light as possible for all of the insance connections I will be making.

Like the quote from The Bridge over the River Kwai, I am hearing that voice yelling Madness! Madness! 


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