Stickier Spaghetti

I may have made a earlier mistake in the “Spaghetti on the Wall” post title– do I even know that Australians test whether the pasta is ready by tossing a noodle on the wall? Do they have something else?

The title was in reference to the topics I should be honing for a visit in… hmmm… 5 months. It sounds like a long long time. So tonight, I did some word shuffling, and pulled in some previous workshop materials for reference, to create version 2 of my “Draft of Workshop/Presentation” sessions… found on the CogDogRoo wiki –

It still feels vague on detail, but find ideas are slowly starting to gel. Of course, suggestions wil be seriously considered!


One thought on “Stickier Spaghetti

  1. Hi Alan
    Last week we had an Induction Workshop for 15 facilitators who have been funded under our E-learning Networks Project to facilitate online networks focused on some aspect of e-learning – from around Australia! They were pointed to your site here, and are excited about your visit in October.

    State/Territory Flexible Learning Framework Co-ordinators are planning end of year e-learning showcases. I’m going to let them know of the topics you have put forward here, and get them to make their comments. All the topics look marvellous to me. I myself, would be especially interested in the one derived from the New Horizons report – ‘Technologies on the Horizon’…


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