Tossing Spaghetti At The Wall

Back in February, I had a discussion via Elluminate with Cathy Baxter to start identifying talk topics for my visit. I’ve been letting ideas bounce around, but ought to be committing to written form soon. So in a very alpha version 0.1 form, I started pounding some ideas out in a new wiki I set up for companionship to this blog:

It is a bit like cooking spaghetti where you toss a noodle against a wall as a test for done-ness.


5 thoughts on “Tossing Spaghetti At The Wall

  1. Looking forward to your Australian adventure. I will remember not to serve spaghetti if you dine with me!!!

  2. Hi Alan

    Also looking forward to hearing you when you come to Australia. I hope you get an opportunity to sample our fine seafood while here, especially when you visit South Australia

  3. Alan,

    October in the Northern Territory – just beautiful – we could start with barramundi, mud crabs and crocodile..mmmmm..looking forward to sharing some stories when you’re here downunder later in the year.

    Cheers, Alicia.

  4. Ohhh, bring it on Alicia! I’d say those are three foods that would all be new to me (here in the states there is a euphemism about “it tastes like chicken” for any exotic meat).

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