This Week’s Aussie Connection – NMC Online Conference

This week is the NMC’s Online Conference on the Convergence of Web Culture and Video, and we’re excited to have as a keynoter, Angela Thomas from the University of Sydney, speaking on Evocative Spaces and Aesthetic Grabs: How YouTube and Video Blogging are Redefining Self Expression.

It’s been through connections made via NMC’s Campus in Second Life that we got to know (virtually) Angela– she was a huge help last October during our 12 day Symposium on Digital Media, where she coordinated an entire series of sessions bringing in colleagues from Australia and provided a fabulous session on her concepts of avatars and identity.

There’s still time to register for our conference; Angela’s session is going to be early evening here in the US, and hopefully a reasonable time for her in Sydney; we also have a keynote from Henry Jenkins at MIT, and another fantastic presenter we’ve gotten to know via Second Life, Cynthia Calongne, of Colorado Technical University.

Anyhow, that means I am pretty tied up this week with the conference, and still need to get to my draft list of session ideas for the October visit (I’m working on it Cathy and Jyothi!).


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