What’s a Blog Without A Wiki?

I’m still mostly playing here, but figured for this trip I’ll need a wiki for some planning and hanging additional content. It’s been a while since I played with the free hosted ones, and ti always seems that PBWiki and Wikispaces are about neck and neck for features (I have wikis in both bins). I am trying first a PBwiki at http://cogdogroo.pbwiki.com/ mainly as I recently read they have integrated a 30 Boxes calendar feature as a plugin to PBWiki pages- and yes, it was easy to set up.

I continue to tinker wit widgets on the sidebar…. there are times when I feel boxed in for thei limits (I can restrict del.icio.us output to a tag set, but not flickr. There are no options for RSS to include descriptions of items…), and then I keep in mind that having just a form to enter a fee URL into is not much overhead to getting RSS displayed in the page.  For the average (or heck, sub-average) persons wishing to focus on writing/blogging, have some lovely templates, WP.com is the dogs pajamas.


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