Finding My Way Around Hosted WordPress

I’m just getting my feet wet with ym first hosted account. For a basic user, it sure provides a lot in an easy to use package, and I’d more likely recommend this than Blogger for educators eager to get started blogging.

As someone experiences with WordPress running on my own servers, it is very familiar, and just lacks the ability to use my own plugins, and to do custome editing of the templates and CSS. As I work through my planning these next few months, I will poke and prod more here to learn how it can be used.


4 thoughts on “Finding My Way Around Hosted WordPress

  1. By hook or by crook I’ll be first in this… errr… the first to leave a comment.

    Another RSS feed to add to my already bloated reader! also uses WordPress MultiUser and is another option for educators.

    And I’m curious to see if you end up getting as frustrated with the lack of javascript implementation that I am already. 🙂

  2. You win the prize! Just need to figure out what it is.. Hmmm, maybe some prickly pear cactus candy?

    I thought about edublogs as appropriate especially as it was grown right there in Australia (miss hearing eduibloggiing from James), and I think I even have an account there,

    And yes, I’ve already hit the zero Javascript wall. But my premise is for the basic person wanting to write and link and hang a flickr stream, its hard to beat. You’re just special for wanting to dig under the shiny paint.

  3. I agree with you, Alan. has legs, I would be interested to hear how quick you hit the wall with the 50 mb free upload max. I imagine it may take a while if your videos are in youtube, your images in flickr, etc. I would also like to know how you like the functionality of the community tags in My blog is -so I’ll also start using this blog to work through your experiments as you publish them here!

  4. I’ll be interested in hearing your comments and reviews on, since I’ve been using it and am always tempted to turn to hosting my own blog, mostly for the customization ability. But this is free, and that’s my key . . .

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