Calling Australia: First Planning Meeting

Today I had a scheduled meeting with Cathy Baxter and Jyothi Jayaram to start the plans for my visit. We “met” using an Elluminate classroom, allowing us to talk via the audio tools, and to do some documentation in the shared whteboard.

This was a chance to cover some basics, including logistics of timing. It looks as though my time “down under” will be arriving sometime around Oct12 and leaving October 30. From what I understand, they try to tie into some start of the year professional development activities in the different territories. After reviewing some travel details, we then talked generally about alist of potential presentation topics they can share. I neeed to write them up with a little description (will post here at same time). It’s a bit of a guessing game as to what I can “bring” versus what the participants may wish to “get”, and I am eager for some local input so I can better frame my sessions to local needs, issues, environments.


3 thoughts on “Calling Australia: First Planning Meeting

  1. Hi Alan,

    Great to hear you’ll be coming out here’s been 7? long years hasn’t it?

    I’m interested in getting you back into The Knowledge Tree, for an interview/conversation, to talk a little about immersive learning environments like Second Life, as a precursor to your visit in October. It’ll reintroduce you to people, whet their appetites for the f2f version and there’ll hopefully be some comments that you can draw into your planning for how those sessions come together.

    I hope you’re allowing plenty of time for Rest and Recuperation while you’re here…especially in Tasmania…it’s a wonderful little island…pity it’s not on your map ..but then again the less people know about it the better :o)
    First things first:
    The area around my place Bream Creek-Marion Bay and the Tasman Peninsula has stunning coastline. The Tasman Peninsula and Eaglehawk Neck is around forty-five minutes further south of Marion Bay and has some of the most dramatic sea cliffs in Australia and some of the best coastal walks. The Tasman Coastal Track leads south from Eaglehawk Neck, skirting the edge of 300 metre dolerite sea crags with wonderful views of the coast and Tasman Sea. Check out the Remarkable Caves where you can take the steps down to a landing that allows you to look into the cave. Stop in at Dunalley for fresh local oysters and crayfish on your way there or back.

    Looking forward to hosting you in the area for a couple of days if you can make it!
    There’s room here at my place or at local accommodation Beach Breaks

    Back to business:
    …assuming you’re OK to do this interview in Elluminate one time before August …

    ….connecting SL environments to both our online and offline lives is of great interest to me….especially the skills teachers might need in debriefing SL experiences.

    What other questions that you’d like to ponder in an interview setting will raise issues you’d like to cover in your speaking tour?

    Would there be anyone feisty you’d like to converse with in such an interview to make it more fun, and listenable…. and what would your favoured theme music be …to interlace the podcast version with….??

    Hope to hear soon

    Jo Murray
    Still editing….
    The Knowledge Tree

  2. Hi Jo,

    7 years? I am sure neither of us has aged a bit!

    I added a few days to the visit with a request for at least extensions to the visit in Tasmania (having seen so many photos of its lush beauty and stories from people like Gail Farran) and Perth, as these were places I did not get to visit in 2000 (okay there is a lot more I’d like to see, like a full year’s worth… maybe after that lottery ticket hits the jackpot).

    So it would be great to visit with you there (The island disappeared when I shrunk the map I found; and you win the sharp eye prize for seeing that Tazzie disappeared! Shhhh)

    I think July would be good time to do the interview, or if you need it earlier, May (June is overloaded). I’ll work on some other questions (a pending piece is to associate a wiki with this site).

    It might be fun to converse with some Australians I’ve been crossing paths with recently in SL and the blogosphere but have yet to meet — Angela Thomas our SL colleague in Sydney, Sean Fitzgerald (we talk only via blogs), Jo Kay??

    Theme music, hmmm. I’m kind of a 3 bar blues fan (cause they are easier to play on a guitar).

  3. Hi Alan,

    A very warm welcome to you. My name is Kerry Trabinger and I work with Cathy and Jyothi. My role is the facilitator of our fabulous E-Learning Networks Community forum. Our community can be found at
    Alan you may like to join our community in the lead up to your visit in October. Each month we cover a different theme for example this month our theme is ‘Tips on Making e-Learning Work’. In July we are very excited aboout our theme – Virtual E-Learning – we are going to include examples of virtual gaming platforms (including Second Life) and virtual classrooms. We also have a continuing general discussion area and at the moment there is a lively discussion on Second Life – Jo Kaye has made some very interesting postings.
    I look forward to meeting you in October.

    Warm Regards,
    Kerry 🙂

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