Hello world!

How utterly imaginitive for a first post. I’m a long time WordPress user though this is my first one hoisted at WordPress.com. This blog will be used to plan and document my October 2007 visit to the land Down Under…


6 thoughts on “Hello world!

  1. Hi Alan,

    The e-learning NetWork facilitators have been asked, in a diabolical WebQuest (only joking :-), to leave a comment here. WordPress is something I’d like to get to know this year, so I actually found your first posting very relevant.

    One person’s trash is another person’ treasure!

    Look forward to seeing you in Australia.

  2. Hi Jenni- Congrats on being the first to toss a comment here. I too look forward to meeting in a few months! I’ll leave my trash at home.

  3. Hi Alan

    like Jenni I was transported to your blog by the e-learning network facilitators project.

    I am a user of WordPress and have found it to be a great educational resource.

    It will be good to hear and see you down under … way down under as many of the “emania” group live in Tasmania.



  4. Hi Alan

    Again another webquester – Look forward to hearing more about your adventure and I love the CogDogRooBlog!

    Hoo Roo


  5. Hi Alan,

    Just another WebQuest post to satisfy the E-learning Quiz. Love the CogDogRoo banner. Does the cog mean that you are planning on cycling around Oz? If so you may wish to extend you stay from 1 month to 1 year. I look forward to your ideas. Just remember that some of us are newcomers to the world of online tools so always explain things well and don’t assume that we all have a good working knowledge of the technology. That way I may be able to keep up… Cheers, Darren

  6. Hi Darren,

    I wish I had time (and maybe energy) for an Australia bike tour– in fact, my time is compressed into about 3 weeks. When I spent 2 months there in 2000, I hardly scraped the continental surface.

    And yes, I will keep the techie terms to a minimum (unless you ask me to turn them up)!

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