Finding My Way Around Hosted WordPress

25 02 2007

I’m just getting my feet wet with ym first hosted account. For a basic user, it sure provides a lot in an easy to use package, and I’d more likely recommend this than Blogger for educators eager to get started blogging.

As someone experiences with WordPress running on my own servers, it is very familiar, and just lacks the ability to use my own plugins, and to do custome editing of the templates and CSS. As I work through my planning these next few months, I will poke and prod more here to learn how it can be used.

Calling Australia: First Planning Meeting

21 02 2007

Today I had a scheduled meeting with Cathy Baxter and Jyothi Jayaram to start the plans for my visit. We “met” using an Elluminate classroom, allowing us to talk via the audio tools, and to do some documentation in the shared whteboard.

This was a chance to cover some basics, including logistics of timing. It looks as though my time “down under” will be arriving sometime around Oct12 and leaving October 30. From what I understand, they try to tie into some start of the year professional development activities in the different territories. After reviewing some travel details, we then talked generally about alist of potential presentation topics they can share. I neeed to write them up with a little description (will post here at same time). It’s a bit of a guessing game as to what I can “bring” versus what the participants may wish to “get”, and I am eager for some local input so I can better frame my sessions to local needs, issues, environments.

Hello world!

20 02 2007

How utterly imaginitive for a first post. I’m a long time WordPress user though this is my first one hoisted at This blog will be used to plan and document my October 2007 visit to the land Down Under…